Spannerman first existed in the early 1990's, but the world was not ready.  Now they are back, fresh from their cryogenic sleep and ready to wreak havoc upon your senses and sensibilities..seething with some kind of unfathomable angst they combine complex math metal-esque experimentalism with uniquely effected sax and aesthetic violin at the front, the result is simultaneously aggressive and sophisticated but also supremely dance-able and fun.

Dan Spanner- Sax & vocals (Thunderdogs, Webcore, Another Green World, Archaos, Spanner Jazz Punks, Spanner Big Band)

Helen Tate- violin, trombone & vocals (Spanner Jazz Punks)

Matt Prichard- guitar (Headjam)

Chris Williams- bass

Jonee Elwood- drums (Thunderdogs, Archaos)