Spanner Big Band

The Spanner Big Band have a weekly Wednesday gig at The Gunners Pub, 204 Blackstock Road, London N5 1EN (phone: 020 7359 2467). 2 sets of rip roaring swing starting at 8.30pm. FREE entry. 

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  Spanner Big Band are a little out of the ordinary, they are a big band who refine their playing through a weekly residency rather than what seems to be the case with most big bands these days working in closed rehearsals, giving the music a ‘live’ spirit, but that is not all that sets them apart from the rest. The band is infused with the infectious personality of leader Dan Spanner, who brings humour, surreal observation and audience participation to the big band genre. The music they play is exciting, lively and relevant while Dan Spanner is akin to a psychedelic Jools Holland character, with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Expect the unexpected. Comprising of 16 professional, semi-professional and top quality amateur musicians, the band members are loyal and dedicated and enjoy the freshness and originality of Dan Spanner’s approach. The repertoire includes the music of Count Basie, Buddy Rich, Duke Ellington, Kenny Wheeler, Charlie Mingus, Maynard Fergusson and more. The band also plays original compositions & arrangements by Spanner and other members, plus a sprinkling of free improvisation. Dan Spanner has spent more than 30 years playing in and running diverse musical groups, but his leadership style with the Spanner Big Band was honed during five years playing in a band led by the legendary Willie Garnett. Willie proved to be an inspiration to Dan with his larger than life persona and his casual way of drawing the best out of his musicians. It is this inspiration along with hard work and perseverance that has formed the foundation upon which the success of the Spanner Big Band has been built. Playing a weekly gig at Round Midnight Jazz & Blues bar in Angel for over two years has won the band a regular and devoted following, with many patrons returning time after time to see the unique interplay of quality musicianship and quirky entertainment.

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"You should hear them... 16 piece swing jazz makes you weep they are that good!" (Una Bonbuna at The Gunners).

“The vibe of Basie’s band from the classic ‘Vegas, Sands’ period” (Michael Berk from ‘Round Midnight Jazz & Blues Bar).

“Dan Spanner leads the band with great panache” (Willesden Observer).