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Spanner Big Band at The Blues Kitchen

This Thursday 3rd the Spanner Big Band play at The Blues Kitchen, Shoreditch. On stage 10.30-11.30pm. FREE!!! This will be the band's last outing until September. Photo was taken this little clip by Milo.

span'nər-tāte will be at Euston Station between 5-7pm for a busking spot. Check out the new video here 

Spanner Jazz Punks are preparing for an event at The Gunners next week on Thursday 10th. The first show in a long time! Check out details here

Spanner Big Band at The Gunners

The Spanner Big Band play the Gunners every Wednesday for the foreseeable. Come and see this awesome band!

…Sorry Josephine, not tonight once more… The big band will re-appear next week 17th May…

The next Spanner Big Band gig at The Gunners is on May 17th- no gig this week due to more footy... Then, we have a clear run of Wednesdays until July... yippee!!

Spanner activities in the Spring

Spannerman play 2 gigs this week. The first at The Gunners on Thursday 27th April with horror punk outfit Dead Stiff supporting. Music starts at 8.30pm. Spannerman will play at 9.30pm. It is FREE!!. Then Spannerman will play at the Cosmic Puffin festival on Sunday 30th on the Mychoonz stage at 6.15pm.

Spanner Big Band will next play at The Gunners on Wednesday 3rd May and then at The Blues Kitchen on Thursday 4th May. There is no gig this Wednesday as Arsenal FC are playing.

spannertate will play the Ahulabula stage at Cosmic Puffin on Saturday 29th April at 3pm.

span’nər-tāte spring gigs galore

span'nər-tāte are revving up for Festival Moo-ah 2017 with some London gigs: Monday 27th March @ The Waverley Arms 202 Ivydale Rd, London SE15 3BU Time TBC Thursday 30th March @ Biddle Bros 88 Lower Clapton Rd, London E5 0QR Time TBC Friday 31st March @ Festival Moo-ah 2017The Raven Hotel 63 Rockingham Rd, Corby NN17 1AG And of course you can always swing by and see us busking at Euston Station courtesy of Busk in London Friday 24th March 5pm - 7pm Thanks to Gabri Delic for the picture!

Next Spanner Big Band gig is at The Gunners on Wednesday March 29th (no gig this week on 22nd)

Spanner Big Band at The Gunners

This Wednesday, The Spanner Big Band return to The Gunners for another great night night! New tunes every time we play as well as some old classics and some more experimental and original music. 8.30pm start... FREE!!!

In other news, spannertate are busy preparing for the show at the Moo-Ah Festival in Corby on 31st March and busking on the streets of London. Spannerman are rehearsing old and new material in preparation for the show at The Puffin Festival on 30th April. Spanner Jazz Punks are in the last stages of mixing the much overdue 2nd album, 'We Are Not Alone'

Spanner Big Band back at The Gunners!


The Spanner Big Band return to the, 'Almost Every Wednesday' residency at The Gunners on 11th January. A new year, a new President, more chaos in the world... lots of inspiration for creativity... an old sofa with loads of new, as yet, unplayed music... and some new originals too...

***Happy New Year from spannerhq***


2017 starts at spannerhq with a performance  by The Spanner Big Band on Thursday 5th at The Blues Kitchen, Shoreditch. On stage 10.30-11.30. FREE! The band will return to The Gunners on 11th January for the 'Almost Every Wednesday' gigs... spannertate have now got their busking licenses and will be appearing at various London stations and on the Southbank. The next major show for spannertate is at the 'Moo-Ah Festival' in Corby on 31st March. Spanner Jazz Punks have a couple of shows lined up for later in the year and are in the final days of recording and mixing the second album, 'We Are Not Alone'... Spannerman reconvene after their successful gig at The Bird's Nest... more gigs to follow...

Spannerman at The Bird’s Nest


After 23 years since the last gig, Spannerman return to play at The Bird's Nest in Deptford. Expect some music from back in the day as well as music from the Jazz Punks repertoire. On stage around 8.30pm. FREE!!!

The last big band gig of the year. Festive Special at The Gunners


***The Spanner Big Band*** will play at The Gunners this coming Wednesday 21st December. Join us for a festive end of year show! Music starts at 8.30pm... FREE!!...