Hey! This page is all about SpannerHQ, the home of that funky Spanner bloke..

He's got some crazy ideas in his head and he wants YOU to be a part of his plans for world domination. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the music..

This site is home to all current Spanner projects and more besides… Spanner Jazz Punks, Spanner Big Band, spannertate, Terence Trajectory, Robin Chaudfroid… with some past projects thrown in and shouted about for good measure… that might be… Spannerman, Spannertwins, Thunderdogs, Cirque Archaos, The New Apes, Another Green World (past and present)...

As always, if you are going to bake a cake, do so in a well lit area.

spannerman westway

Dan Spanner at Westway Film Studios… a long time ago… with Matt Prichard looking rather peaky...