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10 years old today!!!


***Today*** 10 years ago…. a bag of music… a room in Tufnell Park… a bunch of great musical people… and a heap of enthusiasm… the birth of The Spanner Big Band/Spanner Jazz Punks- conjoined… what a fab time it has been… and looking like lots more fun ahead… !!!



Spanner Big Band at The Gunners & The Blues Kitchen this week…


The Spanner Big Band play The Gunners this Wednesday 5th October (8.30pm start) and The Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch on Thursday 6th October (10.30pm start). Both performances are FREE! (photo by Hannah Larkin)

Spanner Big Band news…


There is no Spanner Big Band gig at The Gunners this week but 2 gigs next week… Wednesday 5th at The Gunners and Thursday 6th at The Blues Kitchen… Oh, and check this out… Andrew Greenaway’s Zappa ‘Green Genes’ album on Cordelia Records is nearly ready for a listen!!! can’t wait… !

The Spanner Big Band are back in town…

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The Spanner Big Band start a new season on Thursday 1st September at The Blues Kitchen (10.30-11,30pm) followed by a performance at The Arlington Square Fete, Islington, N1 on Saturday 3rd September (1.30-3.30pm) and then home at The Gunners on Wednesday 7th… All these gigs are FREE entry…

Spanner merchandise

Buy these CDs for £10 each (includes p&p)


'Live' at The Gunners album cover

The new Spanner Big Band album, ‘Live’ at The Gunners

Ne'er-Do-Well album cover

Spanner Jazz Punks’, ‘Ne’er-Do-Well Adventures’

Thunderdogs album cover

The Thunderdogs album, ‘Thundermental’

‘Live’ at The Gunners has arrived



The Spanner Big Band CD has finally arrived at Spanner HQ. It will be on sale at the Wednesday gigs… this week, 13th July… or you could send £8 (inc p&p) to the PayPal account at

Other news this week: On Thursday, 14th Dan Spanner will play with The Cesarians at The Sebright Arms, 31-35 Coate Street, E2 9AG. That’s going to be sizzler!

On Friday 15th, Dan Spanner will play a rare gig with the legendary Thunderdogs at The Veg Bar, 45 Tulse Hill, SW2 2TJ. The band are actually rehearsing this week for this show… look out!!

Next week on Monday, 18th spannertate will play at The Gunners‘ open mic night…

No Spanner Big Band gig at The Gunners this Wednesday (6th July)!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.09.52 copy

The Spanner Big Band will play at The Blues Kitchen, Shoreditch on Thursday 7th July. On stage 10.30-11.30pm. FREE. There is NO gig on Wednesday 6th at The Gunners as there is a Euro Football match… The band are back at The Gunners the following Wednesday 13th and then again on 20th & 27th. The album, ‘Live at The Gunners’ will hopefully be on sale at the gig on 13th… watch this space!!

Dan Spanner will be playing with The Thunderdogs at The Veg Bar, Brixton on Friday 15th July. Band members are converging next week from Continental Europe to work on some old and new material for a gig in the Autumn and will play a gig to round off the rehearsals… Dan also plays a gig with The Cesarians at The Seabright Arms, Hackney on Thursday 14th July.

Gigs this week from spannertate and The Spanner Big Band


This week coming, The Spanner Big Band will play at The Gunners as usual on Wednesday. Last Wednesday the band was joined by a special guest harmonica player, Joe Powers for some blues… The band also played a double set at The Blues Kitchen where the audience went a little crazy for the pop tunes, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and ‘Ace of Spades’…

spannertate will be playing at The Pullens Centre in Crampton Street, SE17 on Sunday 12th June (6-10pm) along with Daisy Beau and G-Delic Eltel.

2 big band gigs this week and spannertate on the Golden Hinde

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.53.21

This week sees quite a lot of live action… The Spanner Big Band will play at The Gunners as usual on Wednesday… with a bass trombone feast in amongst the swing and t’ing… 1st set starts at 8.30pm. On Thursday the band play at The Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch… with some pop tunes included with the swing… on stage 10.30-11.30pm

Spannertate will be playing at The Tiller Flat Folk Club on The Golden Hinde in SE1 on Friday (7-11pm)

Videos have been posted of The Thunderdogs gig at The Puffin Festival. You can see them here:


It’s been great to catch up with old faces the last few weeks. The Thunderdogs played a great gig at The Puffin Festival… we haven’t been together since the Archaos reunion 5 years ago… We met up back stage just before we went on, Tony knocked up a setlist and we were off… no rehearsal… great gig and much fun.. Also, I’ve heard some of the old Legendary New Apes material- remixes are coming through from Gavin of the most fabulous music by this legendary band… I suppose we were destined for oblivion with a name like that… I also played a gig with the brilliant Cesarians at Bush Hall, supporting the magnificent, Knifeworld. What a lot of fun…

The Spanner Jazz Punks’ Zappa album is slowly coming together but there still is no gig-ready band…

spannertate have been playing a lot. The last gig at the Bird’s Nest was 3 sets in 3 hours… That was great… like being at a festival… what a great pub… more gigs coming up… Another gig on Pullens, the Golden Hinde…

Coming up this week… The Spanner Big Band will be at The Gunners on Wednesday 25th